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Runrig - Skye

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Translation of the Gaelic words in 'Skye' by Runrig.


Chi mi an t-eilean uaine
Tir nam beanntan arda
Ceo a'tuiteam tron a ghleann
'Na shineadh air do raointean

I see the green island
land of the high mountains
mist falling through the glen
stretching out over your raointean* (=strips of land)

* this is the plural of raon which is the origin of the word "run" in Runrig (once Run-Rig and before that "The Run-Rig Dance band"). Run-Rig is a historical legal term which Blair Douglas gave the band when the band was founded in the early 70s and Blair was studying at Glasgow. A rig is a strip of land associated with a croft and Run-rigs are sequences of those strips of land, many of which are still visible on Skye

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