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My Bonnie Moorhen

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My Bonnie Moorhen

My bonnie moorhen, my bonnie moorhen,
Up in the grey hills, and doon in the glen,
It's when ye gang butt the hoose, when ye gang ben
I'll drink a health tae my bonnie moorhen.

My bonnie moorhen's gane o'er the faim,
And it will be summer e'er she comes again,
But when she comes back again some folk will ken,
And drink a toast tae my bonnie moorhen.

My bonnie moorhen has feathers anew,
And she's a' fine colours, but nane o' them blue,
She's red an' she's white, an' she's green an' she's grey
My bonnie moorhen come hither away.

Come up by Glen Duich, and doon by Glen Shee
An' roun' by Kinclaven and hither tae me,
For Ranald and Donald are oot on the fen,
Tae brak the wing o' my bonnie moorhen.

This is a song from the Jacobite period of Scottish history and is one of many of the period with double meanings and disguise. In the song, the fugitive is being hunted in the hills by government forces and Ranald and Donald are red coat soldiers. The colours referred to are those of the old Stuart tartan. The Prince is the moorhen.

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