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Nighean nan geug

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On the Cathy Anne MacPhee album "Canan nan Gaidheal", I don't think these lyrics are in print elsewhere. Words from Morag MacLeod (School of Scottish Studies) via Cathy Anne (at Feis Rois Inbhich) and John Shaw. This song is closely related to the song known in Cape Breton as "A chuachag nam beann" and on the excellent Mary Jane Lamond album "Bho thir nan craobh" where the song appears with lyrics in Gaelic, some of which match the lyrics below.

Nighean nan geug

A nighean nan geug , o hao ri iù
Tha muigh leis an spréidh, o hao ri o han , o hao ri iù
(Girl of the branches out with the cattle)

Na gabh eagal neo fiamh <vocables> Tha mise an seo siar <vocables>

Nach truagh leat mo chlann / bean eile nan ceann
Do you not pity my children another woman looking after them
Dham bualadh gu teann dham biadhadh gu gann
hitting them hard and often feeding them short
's an athair 's a' ghleann a nighean nan geug
and their father in the glen (+repeat of first line)

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