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Bonaparte from Capercaillie, Secret People


O gu sunndach mi air m'astar
I'm happy on my journey
Falbh gu siubhlach le bheag airtneul
travelling swiftly without flagging
Dol a chomhrag ri Bonaparte,
heading off to do battle with Bonaparte
'S e bha bagairt air Righ Deors'.
He it was who threatened King George

'Illean chridheil, bitheamaid sunndach,
Brave lads, let's be merry
Seasaibh onoir ar duthcha,
Stand for the honour of your country
Fhad's a mhaireas luaidh is fudar,
As long as lead and powder last
De rud chuireadh curam oirnn?
What could worry us?

Chan eil faillinn ann ra chunntas
There is no weakness to be described
Anns na h-armainn nach diultadh,
in the young heroes who never retreat
Chan eil gealtachd nan gnuis-san,
cowardice is not in their countenance
Cha toir iad grunnd do luchd a'bhosd.
they will never give ground to the boasters

Luchd nan osan gearr 's nam feileadh,
Men of the short hose and the kilts
Cota sgarlaid orr' mar eideadh;
with their uniforms of scarlet coats;
Gum bu ghasd' iad an am eirigh -
splendid they were in attack-
'S iad nach geilleadh an deidh an leon.
they would never yield though wounded.

Ann am Bruxelles a chaidh innse
In Brussels it was told
Gun robh Frangaich tigh'nn nam miltean:
that the French were coming in their thousands
'S cha bhreug bhuam gur h-i an fhirinn,
I tell no lie but the truth
'S iomadh fear bhois sint' gun deo.
many a man will be stretched out without breath of life

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