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Piobaireachd, Pibroch and Piping

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There are some excellent recordings available from Greentrax in the Scottish Tradition series.
Relevant album numbers are CTRAX 9010, 9011, 9012 and 9015

Margaret Stewart (Mod gold medallist) has released a recording along with the famous piper, Allan MacDonald of Glenuig, on the Greentrax label. It features quite a few choice pieces of Ceol Mor. They both study and research ceol mor and its related Gaelic song and their album concentrates on this, in fact Allan has undertaken an academic study of ceol mor at Edinburgh University, resulting in an MLitt degree. The album has received rave reviews in all the piping magazines and folk music magazines and is selling extremely well all over the world.

You can order the CD direct from Greentrax on mailto:

Also look for an album entitled "Strictly Piobaireachd"- I think Lismore produced it. Any of the "Masters of Piping" series (also Lismore) would have at least one piece of Ceol Mor, usually more than one. Lismore are at


Roderick Cannon, the Highland Bagpipe and its Music is a good
source for the facts of bagpipe history. Also, Seumas MacNeill and Frank Richardson "Piobaireachd and its Interpretation for Cel Mr"

Piping Info
The MacCrimmon Piping Heritage Centre

The Piping Centre,
30-34 McPhater Street,
G4 0HW
phone/fax 0141 353 0220

College of Piping (publishes 'The Piping Times')
20 Otago Street, Glasgow
0141 334 3587

See also Bagpipe web
Piobaireachd net


The newsgroup is where most of the pipers on the internet seem to be.

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