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Gaelic links

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Sabhal Mor Ostaig - Gaelic College on Skye

World centre for Gaelic links

Gaelic Scotland
official tourism portal

Gaelic Events in Edinburgh'sOn.html

Accommodation where Gaelic is spoken

Save Gaelic

Am Bratach

Am Baile


Gaelic podcast

Tell the time in conversational Gaelic
Program written by Craig Cockburn
Source here:

Gaelic in Canada

The Scottish Parliament

The Gaelic resource database

Guide to Gaelic Scotland
(available in English, Gaelic, Spanish, Italian, French and German)

Gaelic organisations

The Gaelic Homepage

Comunn Gàidhlig Astrailia - The Scottish Gaelic Association of Australia

Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust

The Gaelic-L archives

Slighe nan Gaidheal - Scottish Gaelic in Seattle

Siol nan Gaidheal

The Scottish Office dept with responsibility for Gaelic

The Book of Deer, the oldest Scots Gaelic book

The date and time in Scotland, given in conversational Gaelic

Gaelic Orthographic Conventions

The Coigach Gaelic Place Names CD


Celtic Congress
A' Chòmhdhail Cheilteach, mailto:
Barry John Steen, 7 Grebe Avenue, Inverness IV2 3TD


Links to Dictionaries

More info


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