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Literature magazines and newsletters

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Chapman (Scotland's Quality Literary Magazine)
Joy Hendry, 4 Broughton Place
Tel: 0131 557 2207
Fax: 0131 556 9565

Cencrastus is edited by Raymond Ross at
Unit One, Abbeymount Techbase, 8 Easter Road, Edinburgh EH8 8EJ

Lines Review is edited by Tessa Ransford at
Edgefield Road, Loanhead, Midlothian EH20 9SY

West Coast Magazine is edited by Joe Murray at
Top Floor, 15 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 6AB

NorthWords, the magazine from the north for short fiction and poetry is available from:
Northwords, 68 Strathkanaird, Ullapool, Ross-shire, IV26 2TN

For Scots Gaelic, the premier magazine is Gairm
Gairm, 29 Waterloo St, Glasgow G2 6BZ
Gairm is completely in Gaelic

Lallans, The magazine for writing in Scots:
The Scots Language Society
The AK Bell Library
York Place
Telephone: 01738 440199
Fax: 01738 646505

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