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Scottish usenet newsgroups

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(alphabetical order)

ed.* Edinburgh

ed.accommodation - Edinburgh accommodation.
ed.followup - Edinburgh - followups to articles.
ed.general - General Edinburgh topics. - Reviews of events in Edinburgh.

scot.* Scotland

scot.announce - Scotland/North England Wide: General Announcements.
scot.bairns - Discussions about Scottish children.
scot.birds - Birdwatching in Scotland. - Scottish business discussions about the Internet. scot.environment - Scottish environmental issues.
scot.followup - Followups to scot.general articles.
scot.general - Scotland/North England Wide: General Articles. - Jobs wanted and offered in Scotland. - Scottish legal issues.
scot.newsgroups.announce - Official scot.* announcements scot.newsgroups.discuss - Discussion of proposed new groups, rules etc. scot.politics - Scottish politics discussions.
scot.scots - Scots language discussions. - For the discussion of Scottish football. scot.test - Test postings in the scot.* hierarchy.

Announcements of proposed new groups in the scot.* hierarchy currently take place in scot.newsgroups.announce, with the discussion taking place in scot.newsgroups.discuss. The committee who manage the scot.* hierarchy is comprised of: Simon Brooke, Craig Cockburn, Duncan Dewar, Neil Fernandez, David Marsh, Sandy Morton and Bob Scott.
The Scot* netnews committee can be contacted on

Committee proceedings are currently posted to scot.general. has more details regarding the management of the scot.* hierarchy, the committee and procedures for creating new groups and amending existing ones.

For control messages in the scot.* hierarchy, see

Global/UK Groups

alt.arts.storytelling - Storytelling
alt.politics.british - British Politics
A group has been created called alt.scottish.clans. The purpose of this group is to discuss the folklore, traditions and history of the various Scottish clans. Current clan gatherings and announcements will also be found here. Anyone interested in this sort of thing is invited to join in the discussions. "Crest of the Clan Chief" in Gaelic is "Suaicheantas a ceann cinnidh" - The Highlander TV show - Edinburgh - Glasgow
rec.heraldry - Heraldry - Celtic music (Irish & Scottish bias) - General Folk music (US/England bias) - Discussions about bagpipes, playing them etc. - Recreating history, re-enactments etc
sci.archaeology - Archaeology. Scottish sites occasionally discussed.
soc.genealogy.britain - Genealogy in Britain
soc.culture.british - British culture in general (strong England bias) soc.culture.celtic - Celtic culture in general (Irish/Scottish bias) soc.culture.scottish - Anything regarding Scotland or things Scots. uk.local.borders-region - The Scottish Borders
uk.local.glasgow - Glasgow
uk.local.lothians - The Lothian region - The Scottish Highlands - Folk music in the UK (England bias)
There are a large number of other groups in the uk.*
hierarchy, some of which have Scottish relevance (eg uk.politics.misc)


ns.general - General Nova Scotia discussions

There is also an eduni.* hierarchy for Edinburgh University a hw.* hierarchy for Heriot Watt University and a strath.* hierarchy for Strathclyde University but none of these is intended to propagate outside the university. A gla.* hierarchy also seems to exist and appears to be private to Glasgow university (i.e. the domain). The west.* groups serve the West of Scotland but these are poorly propagated and hardly anyone knows about them. There is also confusion between these groups and an ISP in the US.

More info on usenet
Information about usenet in general, links to groups and FAQs

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