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The Monarchy

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Crown Estate
Info on the Crown Estate - property owned by the sovereign of the United Kingdom "in right of the Crown" with origins dating back
almost 1000 years.

Do you want a monarchy?

On Tuesday 7th January 1997, there was a televised debate shown across the UK on the future of the monarchy. There was a phone-in vote which attracted 2.5 million votes, the biggest ever total for a phone-in (the previous largest was 1.25 million). The question put to voters was "Do you want a monarchy" and the breakdown of votes is as follows:

Scotland 56% AGAINST (the only part of the UK to vote against)

Northern Ireland 64% in favour
Wales 59% in favour

The South East of England 72% in favour
The South West of England 71% in favour
East Anglia 70% in favour
The English Midlands 69% in favour
North East England 66% in favour
London 66% in favour
North West England 64% in favour

Further information in The Scotsman, 8-Jan-97, main story, P1.

Scottish Crown Jewels (Honours of Scotland)

For information on the Scottish Crown Jewels (Honours of Scotland), see

There are pictures of the jewels there. The Honours of Scotland are the oldest sovereign regalia in the British Isles.

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