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How the Scottish Parliament might work

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Readers interested in a proposed model for how the Scottish parliament could work might find the following of interest

To make the parliament of Scotland a model for democracy prepared for the John Wheatley Centre
by Bernard Crick and David Millar

The publication (published 1997), is a revised version of Standing Orders for a Scottish Parliament prepared by the authors in 1991 for the Scottish Constitutional Convention.

About the authors

Bernard Crick, founding secretary of the Study of Parliament group in 1963 and author of The Reform of Parliament (1963) and of In Defence of Politics, is Emeritus Professor of Politics, London University and an Honorary Fellow of the Politics Department of the University of Edinburgh. David Millar OBE, was formerly a clerk of the House of Commons, then Director of Research at the European Parliament, now an honorary fellow of the Europa Institute of the University of Edinburgh

The publication is 54 A4 pages and costs five pounds.
ISBN 1 873 11809 0
available from John Wheatley Centre, 20 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH
Tel/Fax: 0131 477 8220

This FAQ was first published in 1994 and then the above proposal was of interest. Now we have a parliament, and finally a building, the above is only included for historical reference.

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