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Books and information on studying Scottish culture

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Further info

Open University

The Centre for Scottish Studies at the Open University in Scotland has launched

"Studying Scottish History, Literature and Culture".

which is a rewrite of the former Scottish Studies pack and is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the whole range of Scottish Studies.

What follows is copied from the printed flyer - the Web site isn't ready (yet...)

196 pages, illustrated throughout.

* Historical topics covered include the Reformation, the Union, the agricultural and industrial revolutions, government and politics, the Highlands, towns and cities, developments since 1945

* Literature includes studies of early Scottish literature, major authors such as Burns, Scott, Hogg and Galt, Stevenson, Grassic Gibbon, Gaelic literature, the modern novel, poetry and drama.

* Cultural history before 1560, cultural effects of the reformation and the Union, Enlightenment and Romanticism, questions of identity in the modern age.

The writing team, Angus Calder, Ian Donnachie, William Donnelly, George Hewitt, Shiela Lodge and Glenda Norquay are all experts in their respective fields.

Available for #12 + #1.50 post and packing from

The Open University in Scotland,
10, Drumsheugh Gardens,
Edinburgh EH3 7QJ

Sterling cheques only, no plastic. Or order it from your friendly local bookshop - ISBN 0 7492 7349 6.

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