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Books for hillwalkers

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Rambler's Yearbook

"The Rambler's yearbook and accomodation guide" is a good source of low cost accomodation (typically 10 - 20 pounds per person per night) Published by The Ramblers' Association, 1/5 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 2XX Tel: 0171 582 6878

100 best routes

Ralph Storer's "100 best routes on Scottish mountains", Warner books. A division of Little, Brown and Company (UK) Ltd, 165 Great Dover St, London, SE1 4YA
ISBN 0 7515 0300 2
223 pages, includes a variety of mountains throughout Scotland.
Mountains classified by grade; terrain; navigation difficulty and seriousness. Includes diagrams and Gaelic translations and phonetics

Place names

Ordnance Survey: "Place names on maps of Scotland and Wales"
ISBN 0-319-00223-3
24 pages of info on Gaelic, Norse and Welsh placenames, meanings, grammar, common Anglicisations. Very useful for translating place names in remote areas.

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