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Scottish Guide books

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The primary guide to finding out the best things to do, go, eat, see etc in Scotland is "Scotland the Best". This is an alternative guide to Scottish culture for both locals and tourists alike. I liked it so much I bought the book then helped work on the next edition :-)

This guide is now published by Collins and there a small city guides by the same author for Edinburgh and Glasgow.


see here for an eating out search engine


For a tourist who might be interested in the history of Scotland, the Blue Guide to Scotland is indispensible. I have used this book a great deal, particularly when travelling in the Highlands and the west: it is excellent. It has none of the trendy stuff about where's cool to drink or eat (like the Rough Guide) but it has a fantastic ammount of historical detail which brings places and the landscape alive.

On Scotland, The Lonely Planet Guide to Britain is superior to the Rough Guide to Scotland. And the Scottish Tourist Board (VisitScotland) have re-issued 'Scotland: A Touring Guide', which lists all the 'heritage attractions' in Scotland. The Good Food Guide to Britain' is a very good restaurant guide. The List also publishes very fair guides from time-to-time.

Edinburgh Guides

Charles McKean's architectural guide to Edinburgh is first class and Andrew Lownie's Edinburgh: A Literary Guide throws an interesting slant on the city for anyone interested in these matters. A personal favourite of mine is Edinburgh: The Graveyard Guide. Many of the graveyards offer quite beautiful and unexpected views of the city.

There is an on-line guide to some Edinburgh restaurants at

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