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Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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The best way to see Scotland if you've got a tight budget. Even if you can afford more luxurious accomodation (accomodation is always singular in Britain), Youth Hostels are definitely worth using. All ages use them and cost is typically 10-15 pounds a night. Most of them have lights out at 11pm, except those in large cities which are often open later.

Contact for more info, to book accomodation etc

The Scottish Youth Hostels Association (SYHA)

7 Glebe Crescent
Phone 01786 891400
Fax: 01786 891333

Joining the SYHA, (#2.50 ages 5-17, #6.00 ages 18+) entitles you to use Youth Hostels all over the world.

There is also United Hostels of Europe, a different organisation to the SYHA. UHE have an Edinburgh hostel at

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