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William Wallace / Braveheart

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Historical references

If you want to read about the history rather than the Hollywood tale, a scholarly work is 'William Wallace' by Andrew Fisher from
John Donald Publishers Ltd., 138 Stephen Street, Edinburgh, Scotland at 8.95 pounds plus postage. The Hollywood tale has a large number of invented storylines and major historical inaccuracies and only has a passing resemblance to historical fact.

Other references:
"Robert Bruce", by GWS Barrow, Edinburgh University Press.
"The Scottish and Welsh Wars 1250-1400"
by Christopher Rothero, Osprey Men-at_Arms Series.

"Robert the Bruce, King of Scots" Ronald McNair Scott, Canongate Pub. "The Battle of Bannockburn, a Study in Medieval Warfare" by WM MacKenzie, M.A., The Strong Oak Press Ltd.

"The Bruce Trilogy" by Nigel Tranter, Coronet Books.
"The Wallace", Nigel Tranter, Coronet Books.
"The Costume of Scotland" by John Telfer Dunbar. B.T. Batsford Ltd, London.

Further information

Islay Woollen Mills
Isle of Islay
PA43 7LB
The owner/operator, Gordon, did the weaving for the Braveheart tartans.


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